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Attendance / Medical

Cherry Valley Attendance Procedures

What if my student is absent from school?

Please call the school office at 425-844-4750 and leave a message or email and notify your students' teacher. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR STUDENT'S FIRST NAME, LAST NAME AND TEACHER'S NAME and state the SPECIFIC reason for the absence. If your student is ill, please give specific details as the state requires us to report illness symptoms. In accordance with RSD Procedure P3005-5, the following are valid excuses for absences and tardiness:

  • Participation in school-approved activity. To be excused, this absence must be authorized by a staff member and the affected teacher must be notified prior to the absence unless it is clearly impossible to do so. Please submit a "Planned Absence" form.

  • Absence due to illness, health condition, family emergency. The parent is expected to notify the school office and student's teacher via phone or email. 

  • Absence for parental approved activities, including religious purposes. This category of absence, which must be submitted in writing prior to the absence, shall be counted as excused for purposes agreed upon by the parent. An absence may not be approved if it causes a serious adverse effect on the student's educational progress. Please submit a "Planned Absence" form. Planned Absence forms are available in the school office or on the Cherry Valley website and must be approved by the principal BEFORE your child's absence.

  • Absence resulting from disciplinary actions - or short-term suspension will be noted and are excused.

If you do not report your student's absence to the Cherry Valley office, we will consider the absence unexcused. We do make "safe arrival" calls when we have absent students who have not been reported, but this is usually done by parent volunteers. If volunteers are not available, this can be a tremendous amount of personnel time, so we ask that parents take responsibility for making one call for each absence to save us from making multiple calls each morning. Always call or email the school office, even if you have spoken to your student's teacher each day that the student is absent.

What do I do if I have to pick my student up early from school?

To ensure that a child is taken from school only by an authorized person, an email or phone call must be presented to his/her teacher and to the office before the child is released. When the parent/guardian arrives to pick up their child they will sign them out in the office and the office staff will call them down to the office. No one is to leave the school grounds without permission. 

When to keep your student home, or when your student might be sent home.

If your child is ill to the extent that it will be difficult for him or her to participate in the activities of a normal day, it is best to keep your child home. If your child becomes ill while at school or receives an injury that requires further medical attention, you will be notified immediately.
As a general rule, if your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or above (without fever reducing medication), please keep them home. We will call for them to go home if they spike a fever while at school as well.

We will call with the following if they need to go home:

  • temperature of 100 degrees or more

  • vomiting or diarrhea

  • what appears to be pink eye, with or without drainage, until treated

  • body rash especially with a fever

  • Lice, lice eggs, or scabies until treated. We have a nit free policy. Always contact the office.

  • chronic cough

  • injury that needs a medical opinion

Attendance Matters

If your student is out sick/ill, thank you for keeping your student home. The office needs specific reasons for state accountability auditing and for your students' absence to be excused. Please use the following template when emailing as well as your students' teacher:

Student full name:

Parent full name:

Parent contact phone number:

Teacher name:


Reason student is absent:

**Sick is not a "reason" the state will take into accountability. Please provide the symptom(s). Examples of symptoms are: cough, fever, runny nose, headache, sore throat, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, positive COVID, etc.

Please feel to copy and paste this template into the body of your email when emailing and your students' teacher.

My student has medication needs during the day. What do I need to do?

All medications, prescriptions and over the counter (including topical creams, cough drops, Tylenol and other various over the counter drugs) must be authorized by a physician using the official district "Oral Medication Authorization" form also available in the Cherry Valley office.Students are only authorized to apply topical creams when a doctor's authorization is on file in our office, and should come to the health room.

Please be sure to notify the office if your child will be absent. For additional health information, you may contact our District Nurse, at 425-844-4794.

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