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Cherry Valley School Spirit!

School Mascot: Cheetah!

School Colors: Gold & Black

School Song: We will Stand as One

Verse 1
This world is big, and I am small,
Sometimes I feel alone.
But I see the friends I have around me,
This place is my home.

Diversity with unity,
We are all proud.
Of who we are, what we can be,
Let's sing it out loud!

I celebrate this place, and I'm singing this song,
For the whole human race.
We're all part of this world, every woman and man,
Every boy, every girl,
And we will stand as one!

Verse 2
Sometimes it's hard, sometimes I'm scared,
But inside I know
Everyone here cares about me,
And helps me to grow.

With pride in our community,
With love in our hearts,
Peace and joy in every land,
With me it starts.


Cherry Valley's where I learn,
Cherry Valley's where I play,
Cherry Valley's where I'm finding my way.
We are Cheetahs, we are kind,
We are respectful all the time,
Making new friends each and every day.


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