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WatchDOGS for 2023-24

So, You Want to Be a WatchDOG? Yay!!!

Please visit for more information about the program.


We cannot proceed with your volunteer day until you are officially approved through a background check.

As soon as possible, please submit your volunteer application online at It can take up to 2 weeks for processing, so please be sure to complete this step.

Volunteer applications are good for 2 years.

· Step 2: Visit to select your day! At this time, we cannot accommodate half-day visits—we ask that you commit an entire day (or a few!) in order to really experience life as a Cheetah at CVE.

· Step 3: About a week from your volunteer day, you will receive an e-mail from Mrs. Rosevear reminding you of your visit, where to check-in (always at the Main Office, always at 8:55AM sharp!), and I will ask if you will be bringing a lunch, or if you would like to purchase a hot lunch that day ($4.85; you will give that to Katherine at the office when you check-in).

· Step 4: On the day of your shift, come dressed for the weather, as you’ll likely have a lot of great exercise and play time helping to supervise at recess! Bring a lunch and a water bottle. You will check-in at the Main Office, then head over to my room (Portable 4, back by the Gym), where I will give you your schedule and official nametag, show you around the school, go over ground rules, give you a key so you can enter and exit the school, and give you your very own WALKIE TALKIE! Oh boy!

· Step 5: Enjoy the day!

Finally, if you really want to look the part, I encourage you to take a look at the WatchD.O.G.S. store at for some sweet swag!

You can choose any style that appeals to you. Though it is not required to purchase a shirt or hat, the dads that have in the past really liked how it made them stand out and step into their WatchD.O.G.S. role! Delivery seems to be fairly quick- usually a 2 week or less turn-around time.

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