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Mary Morman named CVE Permanent Principal

Mary Morman Named Permanent Principal of Cherry Valley Elementary

The Riverview School District is excited to announce that Mary Morman is now the permanent principal of Cherry Valley Elementary, effective immediately. Following School Board approval on Tuesday, October 13, 2023, she will now have her role made permanent and the “Interim” designation removed.

With support for Morman shared frequently by families and staff since she assumed the role in August 2023, Riverview School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Susan Leach, and Riverview School District’s Director of Teaching, Learning, and School Leadership, Dr. John Lombardi, conducted a listening session with staff on Friday, October 6. The overwhelmingly positive feedback they received accelerated the move forward to recommend a permanent placement.

It was so encouraging to hear such thoughtful responses from Cherry Valley Staff, and I was pleased to make a recommendation to the board last week,” said Dr. Leach.

First entering into education with Peoria Unified School District in Glendale, Arizona, Morman worked as an instructional assistant for the district’s preschool program in 2001. She taught preschool from 2005 to 2013, also serving as an Early Childhood Mentor Teacher for State of Arizona Universities during that time. She taught kindergarten and third grade between 2013-2015, before joining Riverview School District in 2015. Most recently, she earned her Educational Administrative Certification from Gonzaga University in the spring of 2023.

To learn more about Mary Morman’s education background and the path that led to her becoming Cherry Valley’s new principal, please click below:

Join us in congratulating Mary Morman, now officially the new principal of Cherry Valley Elementary!

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